William Murray – Guitar, Bass, Vocals

William Murray is the Director of Accent Music Therapy and SUPERFIRE band creator. William Murray submitted a proposal to Long & McQuade for an equipment donation and created the Rock Band – SUPERFIRE.

As a music therapist, William has focused his passion to work with children and youth with special needs.

William has recently been involved with developing adaptive methods of physical access to music, and has presented to the National Music Therapy conference regarding the use of adapted musical instruments for individuals with physical challenges.


Ray Tiberia – Guitar

Ray is an Acquired Brain Injury survivor as a result of a motor vehicle crash caused by an impaired driver.

Ray became a client of ErinoakKids in 1995. Over the years he has received physio, occupational and speech therapy supports and most recently, music therapy. SUPERFIRE has been pivotal in Ray’s continued recovery.

Since joining the group in 2009, Ray has grown musically and personally by leaps and bounds. This program has enabled him to achieve a level of success never thought possible. Ray is proud to be a part of SUPERFIRE and grateful for the opportunities it provides and friendships he has made.


Jamie Perrenoud – Vocals and Lyrics

Jamie attended various programs at ErinoakKids for nineteen years. Diagnosed at nine months with Cerebral Palsy and left side hemiplegia.

Jamie is an enthusiastic, and busy young man who thrives on music and has written the lyrics for several of the bands original songs. Jamie is a natural performer who loves the energy and camaraderie the band provides. The band has done wonders for his self esteem and writing skills.



Jeffrey Letarte – Drums

Jeffrey was born to be a rocker.

ErinoakKids was there for Jeffrey when he was diagnosed with Williams Syndrome at 16 months of age and he has benefited greatly from the many supports and programs.

Jeffrey is fun, enthusiastic and determined and has many interests and accomplishments, but music is his passion. The band has given him a sense of belonging, a chance to develop friendships, and the opportunity to perform music for everyone to hear.



Kyle Wester – Guitar, Harmonica

Kyle has been supported by ErinoakKids since he was 8 when he was diagnosed with Batten’s disease. He has been fortunate to be supported by ErinoakKids with programs such as the music therapy program.

Music has played a very large part of Kyle’s life, all of his goals and aspirations are based on music. SUPERFIRE has allowed him to have success in his goals that he would not otherwise have accomplished.


Taylor Arbeau – Vocals

Taylor is the youngest member and the only girl in the once only all male band SUPERFIRE.

Taylor has Down Syndrome but that hasn’t stopped her from fulfilling her dreams of being a singer. Taylor has loved to sing from a young age and in her spare time you will find her writing songs and poems that are written straight from the heart. She is full of energy, has a great sense of humour and loves being a part of SUPERFIRE. She’s a girl with big dreams and is not afraid to show the world who she is and what she’s capable of…Hollywood watch out!


Brad Cook – Keyboards

Brad was diagnosed with William’s Syndrome soon after battling through heart surgery as an infant. As he grew to take on life’s many challenges, ErinoakKids was there to provide much needed therapeutic support as well as a sense of community.

Brad is a real people person and has always loved various styles of music. Having first sang in front of a church congregation at the age of 5 and having taken Keyboards for many years, joining SUPERFIRE was a surreal opportunity that just put it all together for Brad. It’s been an unexpected adventure of a lifetime!

Nelson Sleno

Nelson is a retired Phys Ed and Special Education teacher. He has been playing the blues harmonica since he was a teenager, and can often be heard in the Orangeville/Erin area playing solo or with his band Dust to Dust Blues Band.

Nelson has been Kyle Wester’s harmonica teacher for some time now and gets much satisfaction from hearing him play with SUPERFIRE. Nelson is honoured to be associated with such a fine, talented and cool group of young musicians.